My hobby's are my computer and everything that can be done with it, e.g. computeren (dutch verb). I enjoy it to investigate my family history , something that draws more attention again these days. I've been scuba diving, quit a lot, but that's somewhat out of the picture right now. I do enjoy riding on my motorcycle as well.

Sports never had my interest: for example I dislike soccer and cicling (Tour de France). Tennis can get me interested in watching a tournament, but I'll not be participating in any sport. In fact I should say that I'm lazy. I'm a bit like the cat Garfield Plaatje van de tekenfiguur Garfield. allthough I don't care much for animals, we're a like that cat and I. Diana's favorite movies are romantic ones like 'Love Story', 'Ghost' and 'Gone with the wind'. I on the other hand prefer horror and science fiction, especially Star Trek.

 Afbeelding van starship The Enterprise.

Simular difference is there for music despite it or maybe because of it we're able te appriciate each others choice of music. There is no specific genre for me, but I realy do like guitar, saxofoon and mouthharmonic. If I then tell you that Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, John Williamson & Ilse DeLange are artists that I enjoy listening to, you will understand that my musical taste is very divers.