Auto bckgrndHow it started...

In 1985 I got my driverslicence. I had my lessons in a Opel Kadett; first the straight D-model and later on in the egg (a like) model. The theoratical aswell as my pratical exam I got in the first try. Because I was at school all week and only earning some money with small jobs on saterdays and in the holidays, there was no way I could affort my own car. If I really needed one I rented it, mostly a Ford Escort, but sometimes a Ford Sierra or a Fiat Panda.

The First

Foto van Simca 1308 GLS

In 1987 I bought my very first car; a 1978 brownish-grey Simca Chrysler 1308 GLS [86-XK-38] (dutch licenseplate). A fivedoor hatchback with a 1500CC motor. He held out for a year and then gave up, ready to go to the scrap-heap.


Foto van Citroen GSA Club.

Diana, then still my girlfriend, financed in 1988 the successor, a aubergine-grey 1982 Citroën GSA Club-break [HN-50-FT]. A fivedoor station with 1300CC. Up untill today It's my favorite allthough he only lasted two years. My brother bought it from me to have spar-parts for his car then.

Persisting type.

Foto van Citroen Visa Leader.

After half a year without a car we bought another Citroën in 1990. This time a silverish-grey 1986 Visa 11e S6 Leader [PR-26-XP]. Once again a fivedoor but the engine capacity had dropped to 1100CC. In our carhistory this is the persisted one, we had it for 4 years before we decided that the inevitable repairs where so costly that it would be cheaper to search for a replacement.

Bumper car.

Foto van Citroen ZX Avantage.

In 1994 Diana took control; since she had been paying all the time, she now claimed the right to pick one. I suggested a Citroën AX but she decided on a 1991 blue Citroën ZX 1.4i avantage [DH-SP-62]. The last one with five doors in our series up till now and the engine capacity increased up to 1400CC. This was really our Bumper car; within a month I pounded it directly up-front. About six months later Diana repeated that same stunt. Well one thing is to be said about that model; it has the best crumple zone I've ever seen!

The new.

Foto van een Citroen ZX Furio.

After two years we thought the time was right to buy a fully new car. Since we were (and still are) very satisfied with the model AND the safety it profided it had to be another ZX. This time a 1996 Bourdeau-red Citroën ZX 1.8i Furio [PL-NV-11]. It had to be a bit more sportive though and only three doors would subscribe that look. This speedy model had a 1800CC powersource that got us pretty spoiled.

The big.

Foto van een Citroen Xantia Pallas.

From the moment it was introduced I had an urge, one day I would ride a Xantia and (finaly) enjoy the hydraulic suspension again. Our "economical" development made it possible at the end of 1998 to change to a bigger model and so it became a 1999 darkgreen Citroën Xantia 1.8i [XJ-PD-45]. The 1800CC engine had to drag a somewhat heavier coach work, but then again what pleasure it gave!

The forceful.

Foto van een Citroen Xantia.

We were so delighted with this car that, allthough Citroën introduced the C5 and Xantia entered its last "season" we decided to buy another one. This one had to have more charisma like spoiler and aluminium rims. A 2001 silver metalic Xantia 1.8i 16v [50-GZ-XB] with a stiff 1800CC powersource.

The switch.

Foto van een Fiat Punto Sportsound.

Two years had past and it was time to search for replacement again. We weren't sure what it should be. Since I've took on this new job I had a companycar (silver metalic Opel Astra Station, 1.7 dti [20-HJ-LR] of 2001, unfortunatly I had no choice) and it wasn't right-thinking to keep such a big car beside it. So in 2003 we searched something tough but a bit smaller for Diana. But she had here demands and I couldn't keep her for Citroën (say C3 Pluriel?). It became something entiry different but o so like her.

After Luxury lease...

Foto van een Peugeot 407 sedan.

It was a tough bargane that the C5 didn't belong to the possibilities, however there was a fitting alternative within reach. So when early 2005 the first companycar had about 158.500 Km on the odometer and had to be returned, I grap the oppertunity for another charismic car with Spoiler, 17" aluminium rims. A 2005 champagne metalic Peugeot 407 XS berline 2.0 HDi 16v [28-RK-HS] 2005 with 136 break-horsepower. In 2006, with swapping jobs, I took over this fabulous car.

The future??

What the future will bring us is very much unknown. Diana still rides her "sporty tiny one" and I have had about 185.000 Km's enjoyment and are not finished yet. Will there ever be an other Citroën for me?

Who knows, with the DS line, they have introduced some very attractive models. We shall see.logocitroen